5 Great Reasons to Clean Your Carpet in Winter

Dry Carpet Cleaning Perth

There is a common perception that cleaning your carpet in winter is a no go area and I can totally understand the theory behind the thinking. However unlike most steam cleaners (high pressure cleaners) who can leave your carpet wet for days, the carpet dry cleaning method we use at Chem-dry Elite is not only compatible with winter cleaning, there are some impressive benefits for you and your family…
1. Special Offers
2. Easier to Make a Booking
3. Quick Drying Time of around 1 Hour
4. Be Allergy Free During Winter
5. Your Carpet will Stay Cleaner Longer

There is more special’s offered in winter
Because work tends drop off during the winter months, most companies including Chem-dry Elite, will offer incentives to have your carpet cleaned during the winter months. You can pick up a special offer in winter that you will never be offered in the summer months, when things are much busier…
There is less competition for bookings in winter
As I have mentioned, work tends to drop off in the winter months. In most cases this means you can have your carpet cleaned when “You” want it done. The wait period is significantly shorter and openings for bookings are readily more available…
We still have a quick drying time of about 1 Hour, even in winter
The cleaning method we use at Chem-dry Elite will leave your carpet dry in about an hour, even in winter. We use up to %90 less water than your average high pressure cleaner, which obviously increases drying time substantially…
Remove dust and pollutants and be allergy free for the winter months
Over the summer months your carpet acts as filter trapping dust and pollen’s in its fibres. Difficulty breathing, running or blocked sinuses and itchy red eyes are some of the issues you can experience if your carpet is affected with these pollutants. We tend to spend more time in doors during the winter months, thus exposing us more to the effects of these pollutants. If you suffer from hay fever or any of the symptoms mentioned, it makes sense to have your carpet cleaned before the start of winter, giving you maximum exposure to your fresh clean carpet, before the spring and all the pollen’s return. Cleaning your carpet can remove up to %98 of pollutants in your carpet and in turn increases the quality of the air you breathe…
Your carpet will stay cleaner longer in winter
Believe it or not, your carpet will stay cleaner longer in winter. With all the subdividing and building we are experiencing in Perth, there is no shortage of dust and pollutants flying around in the air that are easily transferred into our homes. This is not the case in the wetter months. Sure you might get a bit of mud on your carpet, but mud is isolated and can easily be removed by scrapping it off the fibres and then cleaned up with a bit of warm water…

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